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Tapioca Starches

Our tapioca starches are including native tapioca starch, modified tapioca starch, resistant tapioca starch and pregelatinized tapioca starch. It is used for several industrial applications including food industry, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Resistant tapioca starch

With 90% dietary fiber, Low carb, gluten free and keto friendly. Our resistant tapioca starch is an ingredient that help you to meet your customer’s health and weight management goals.

Modified tapioca starch

Our modified tapioca starches are non-GMO with different E-numbers are E1404, E1412, E1413, E1414, E1420, E1422, E1450 and E1451.

Pregelatinized tapioca starch

With easily dissolves in cold liquids eliminating a heating step. Our pregelatinized tapioca starch are non-GMO and widely used in foods, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Effect of Vietnam compound organic fertilizer granular.

Fertilizer products

Our export fertilizer products are NPK organic fertilizer, Sulphate of potash (SOP), granular urea, Prilled urea, FMP, DAP, Etc. With persistent efforts, Golinse is supplying these fertilizers to customers in Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Australia, etc.

NPK organic fertilizer

Organic matter content: 55% Min. NPK: 8-0-4; 10-0-4 and 12-3-5.

Besides, it is also included amino acid, fulvic acid, trace elements, etc.

Sulphate of potash (SOP) fertilizer

K2O: 50% Min. S: 18% Min. 

Solubles sulphate of potash is available in granular and powder.

Urea 46N fertilizer

Total nitrogen (TN): 46% Min. Biuret: 1% Max

Vietname urea 46N is available in Prilled urea and Granular urea.

warehouse of organic fertilize.

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