Resistant tapioca starch PDP90 is a simple replacement for traditional flour. It is suitable for the food production of high dietary fiber, low carb and supports microbiome, digestive and glycemic health.

Benefits of resistant tapioca starch

High fiber

Low carb

Gluten free


Neutral Taste and Color

Smooth Texture

Application of PDP90 resistant tapioca starch

Are you a producer of food products to help your consumers meet their health and weight management goals?

Try our PDP90. It is an ingredient which contains high fiber (90% min), low carb, gluten free, non-GMO and keto friendly.

PDP90 has low water holding capacity that allows for enhanced crispness and ease in formulating higher levels of inclusion to achieve labeling benefits. And, also providing a smooth texture, neutral flavor and white color.

Bakery products, pasta, noodle and nutritional food products to boost fiber content.

Snack foods and batter products to enhance crispness.

Nutritional products targeting controlled glucose release.

Functional performance of PDP90 in foods

Fiber fortification

Low water-holding capacity

White, invisible fiber source

Low glycemic, insulin response

Flour replacement

Smooth, non-gritty texture

Low caloric contribution



Resistant tapioca starch sample 25kg bag.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

PDP90 is commercial name of a resistant starch product and provided by Golinse

+ Derived from tapioca starch which is free from GMO and gluten. PDP90 has its advantage in compared with the other RS4 products derived from wheat starch or corn starch.

+ Produced under process that meets all the requirements of FSSC-22000. Resistant starch type 4 –PDP 90 is safe for food use. Quality specification of PDP 90 is fully fit with that regulated by Food Chemical Codex (FCC) and Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

+ Meeting all of the Halal and Kosher requirements for both raw materials used and the processing, storage and delivery condition. PDP 90 is certified by MUI and HCA as Halal and Kosher product that suitable for Muslims and Jews community to use.
Resistant starch is any starch or starch digestion products that are not digested and absorbed in the stomach or small intestine and pass on to the large intestine. Resistant starch has been categorized into four types (1):

RS1 – Physically inaccessible or undigestible resistant starch, such as that found in seeds or legumes and unprocessed whole grains.
RS2 – Resistant starch is inaccessible to enzymes due to starch conformation, as in green bananas and high amylose corn starch.
RS3 – Resistant starch that is formed when starch-containing foods are cooked and cooled, such as pasta. Occurs due to retrogradation, which refers to the collective processes of dissolved starch becoming less soluble after being heated and dissolved in water and then cooled.
RS4 – Starches that have been chemically modified to resist digestion.

Resistant starch PDP 90 is derived from tapioca starch, formed via chemical modified process. So, it is belong to type 4 resistant starch group (RS4).
Resistant starch helps food producers the fiber-rich and reduced calorie products consumers want while delivering just the right taste and texture in your baked goods, pasta, noodles, extruded cereal, snacks, etc.

Resistant starch is found abundantly in nature as RS1, RS2 types, in several kinds of cereal and tuber. Unfortunately, the content of resistant starch in these materials is significantly lost under the effects of heat and mechanical processing (grinding, cutting) during food processing.

The addition of artificial resistant starch such as resistant tapioca starch PDP 90 is therefore necessary to compensate for this loss.
1/. Product details and declaration:

Label declaration: Modified starch; Modified tapioca starch; Resistant starch.
H/S code: 3505.10.90
Raw material source: Tapioca.
Non-GMO available: Always
Quality certificates: HACCP, Kosher, Halal (HCA), HALAL (MUI), ISO 9001, FSSC 22000.
Packaging available: 20kg paper bag, 25kg paper bag and 850kgs jumbo bag.
Origin of product: Vietnam.

2. Payment term:
Payment term: T/T or L/C.
Payment for the samples, you can pay by Credit/ debit card via Papal, etc.

3. Minimum order quantity:
Each shipment can arrange from 12MTS.

4. Delivery time:
Shipment can ship around 15 – 25 days after confirmed order and received advance payment.

5. Others: Please feel free to Contact Us.


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PDP90 resistant tapioca starch provides the dietary fiber to be used in food products such as baked goods, pasta, noodles, extruded cereal, snacks, etc. without compromising taste and texture. Please feel free to contact us for further information or inquiries.