Our native tapioca starch product manufactured in Vietnam with stable quality and competitive price. It is widely used in food, paper, textile, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

Vietnamese Tapioca Starch

Tapioca starch benefits

Low cost than other starches

Suitable for vegetarians



Native tapioca starch specification

Item  Specification 
Appearance White powder
Whiteness Min 90%
Starch content Min 85%
Viscosity Min 650 BU
SO2 Max 30 ppm
PH 5 ~ 7
Moisture Max 13 %

Tapioca starch uses

Tapioca/ cassava starch is widely used in food and other industries:

Tapioca starch used as binder. Binding the products and preventing drying during cooking of sausages and meat preservative, etc.

  Tapioca starch used as stabilizer. Using the high-water holding capacity of the starch as in ice-creams, baking powders, etc.

  Tapioca starch used as filler. Increasing the content of solids in all types of canned soups, ice-cream, fruit preservative agent and pharmaceuticals.

  Tapioca starch used as a thickener. Using the paste properties to apply for soup, baby food, all types of sauces, gravies, etc.

  Tapioca starch used in paper industry. Improving endurance, resistance to folding, waterproofing for paper. Improving its appearance and endurance. Being applied for all types of corrugated and laminated papers and cardboard boxes.

  Tapioca starch used in other industries. Textile industry, tire industry, plywood industry, modified starch, resistant starch, and pregelatinized starch industries.


Frequently asked questions

MOQ is 18 MTS per shipment.
Yes, tapioca starch is naturally gluten-free.
Yes, we are welcome OEM orders.
HS Code used for native Tapioca starch is 1108.14.00
Available packaging including: 25kg/ paper bag; 850kg jumbo bag; 25kg and 50kgs/ woven PP bag.

How to buy Vietnam tapioca starch

We, Golinse offer a wide range of native tapioca/ cassava starch, pregelatinized starch, modified tapioca starch, resistant tapioca starch, etc.

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