Granular organic fertilizer 8-2-4 is made from molasses after fermentation from MSG plant. Besides of N-P-K, it is high in organic matter content, amino acid, humic acid, fulvic acid and many trace elements.

Manufacturing process.

Main raw material is CMS (condensed molasses solubles) from MSG plant.

After the process of hydrolysis and adding M.A.P by spray granulation thought advanced technology.

Organic fertilizer NPK 8-2-4 can be regarded as high-end products of organic fertilizer.

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Organic NPK Fertilizer 8-2-4.

Benefits of organic fertilizer N-P-K:8-2-4.

This kind of organic fertilizer is not only containing elements such as nitrogen (8% Min), phosphorus (2% Min) and potassium (4% Min). It is also containing trace elements such as Sulphur, Calcium, Magnesium. Especially, the product is rich in organic matter (55% Min) and a variety of amino acids.

Improve soil property.

Increase crop yield.

Increase quality of crops

Very competitive price

Organic matter contents can improve soil, water and nutrient retention, promotion of beneficial organisms in the soil and breeding, improving fertilizer use efficiency.

Amino acid in the product can make the crop robust and improve crop resistance.

Benefits of Vietnam organic fertilizer granular.

Guaranteed items:

Total nitrogen content: 8.0% Min.

P2O5: 2.0% Min.

K2O: 5.0% Min.

Total organic matter content: 55% Min.

Granular size 2-4mm: 80% Min.

Dark brown color.

Packing and loading of organic fertilizer.

Packing of organic fertilizer from MSG plant.

Nutrients analysis:

Total nitrogen content: 8.05%.

P2O5: 2.27%, K2O: 5.55%.

Amino acids: 8.4%, Fulvic acid: 11.7%, Humic acids: 33.5%

Organic matter content: 76.4%.

Mg (0.46%), S (5.2%), Ca (2.74%), Zn (25mg/kg), Mn (99mg/kg), etc.

How to use organic fertilizer NPK 8-2-4?

The product has been certified and recommended by the Scientific and Technology Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam as an advanced organic fertilizer to be used for crops from sugar cane molasses by through modern microbiological fermentation technology land crops.

Organic fertilizer 8-2-4 can be widely applied to various crops, can significantly improve the quality of agricultural products.

It can be used as basal fertilizer or top-dressing application and depends on the geographical plantations and the specific crops to apply manually or mechanically.

warehouse of organic fertilizer.

Load organic fertilizer into vessel.

Others information:

Packing and loading:

  • In 20kgs, 25kg woven PP bag with inner PE bag. Loading is 16mts per 20FCL with pallets or 20.5 mts without pallet.
  • In 900kgs woven PP bag with inner PE bag. Loading is 18 mts per 20fcl with pallets.

Minimum order quantity: 01 x 20 FCL.

Port of loading: Cat Lai, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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