Are you looking for Rice Protein Concentrate Suppliers for food makers, alternative to soy protein and whey protein, which better price and stable quality?

Made from Vietnamese rice, Rice protein concentrate 80RP product can help your consumer food products healthier and tastier to users. Especialy, it can reduce your production cost.

Vietnam rice protein product.

Rice protein concentrate powder features and benefits

No contains animal and milk products

No contain cholesterol, lower fat, allergen friendly

Whole plant formula, more suitable for vegetarians

No contains lactose, suitable for lactose intolerance people

Clean Processing

Easy digestibility and high biological value

Rice protein 80RP specification




pH (5% solution in water at 28-30oC)



% (w/w)

Max 6


% (w/w)


Protein (Dry basis)

% (w/w)

Min 80


% (w/w)


Ash insoluble in HCl

% (w/w)

Max 1

Total aerobic plate count


Max 3,000

Yeast & Mold


Max 500

If you have any specific specification, so please feel free to let us know.

Production process of Rice protein 80RP

Rice protein concentrate 80rp production process.

Application of rice protein concentrate 80RP

Application reference:

Nutrition / Energy Bar: Rice Protein >8%.

Raspberry Jelly Sweets: Rice Protein >2%.

Smoothies: Rice Protein >5%.

Cereal Powder: Rice Protein >5%.

Cookie: Rice Protein >5%.

Raspberry Jelly Sweets: Rice Protein >2%

Application of Vietnam rice protein supplier.

Packing, shelf life of rice protein concentrate 80RP

Packing and shelf life:

Available in 20kgs, 25kgs and big bags.

Shelf life: 24 months from production date.

Temperature below 30℃ and storage away from sunlight and moisture.

Packaging of rice protein 80RP.

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