Pregelatinized starch SSOS43PG application in white bread

Pregelatinized starch uses in white bread product.

Pregelatinized starch SSOS43PG is tapioca base functional starch. It can be cold water soluble without extra cooked. It performs high functional ability in improving texture and staling of white bread.

Pregelatinized starch SSOS43PG product

Trade name: Modified starch; Modified tapioca starch; Pregelatinized starch.

Product code: SSOS43PG.

E number: E1450.

Material: Tapioca.

Appearance: White and odorless powder.

Regulatory status: Kosher and Halal certified.

Packaging: 20kgs, 25 kgs in multiply paper bag.

Shelf life: 24 months.

Origin: Vietnam.

Key features of pregelatinized starch SSOS43PG product

Freeze-thaw stability.


Low-gelatinization temperature.

Clarity of paste.

Good film-forming properties.

Instant style and easy for use in house.

Role in food production



White bread recipe

High gluten flour: 126g

SSOS43PG: 14g

Butter: 5g

Sugar: 12g

Milk powder: 3g

Salt: 2.5g

Cold water: 100ml

Instant dry yeast: 2.1g

Pregelatinized starch SSOS43PG application instruction

1. Mix well all dry ingredients (except dry yeast).

2. Insert dry mixed ingredients, butter, water into bread pan and dry yeast into bread maker.

3. Process proper baking program and take the loaf out when it finishes.

Product usage recommendation

5.0 ~ 5.5% of total recipe.

Bread improved properties

Slow bread staling.

Softer texture.

Reduce gumminess.

Improve crumb whiteness.

How to buy Pregelatinized starch SSOS43PG?

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