Sulfate of potash fertilizer granular and powder 0-0-50+18S

Vietnam potassium sulfate

100% water soluble sulfate of potash fertilizer contains 50% Potassium and 18% Sulfur for tobacco and fruits and vegetables.

What is sulfate of potash fertilizer?

Sulfate of potash or sulphate of potash (S.O.P), also called potassium sulfate, potassium sulphate is the inorganic compound with formula K2SO4, a white water soluble solid. It is commonly used in fertilizers, providing both potassium and sulfur.

Sulfate of potash fertilizer analysis

Both sulfate of potash granular and powder that provides 50% potash and 18% sulfur to crops.

Sulfate of potash powder:

  • Potassium as K2O: 50% Min
  • Sulfur (S): 18% Min
  • Chloride: 1.5% Max
  • Moisture: 0.5% Max
  • Appearance: White powder.
  • Origin: Vietnam

Sulfate of potash granular:

  • Potassium as K2O: 50% Min
  • Sulfur (S): 18% Min
  • Chloride: 1.5% Max
  • Moisture: 0.5% Max
  • Appearance: White brown granular.
  • Origin: Vietnam.

These sulfate of potash fertilizers are low in chloride (1.5% Max) and has a low salt index, less than half that of muriate of potash (M.O.P).

Sulfate of potash water soluble benefits

High potassium levels.

Suitable for crops with a high Sulphur and low chloride demand.

Easy for packing, loading, transportation and storage.

Sulphate of potash fertilizer uses:

The dominant use of potash sulfate is as a fertilizer. K2SO4 is very low in chloride, which can be harmful to some crops.

Sulfate of potash is most commonly used on high value crops like fruits, vegetables, nuts, tea, coffee and tobacco. It works better on crops that are sensitive to chloride, which can sometimes have a toxic impact on fruit and vegetable plants.

  • Onion, carrot, potato: 120 kg/ha/crop.
  • Tobacco: 400 kg/ha/crop
  • Coffee, pepper, cocoa: 580 kg/ha/year
  • Rice (saline area): 100 kg/ha/crop
  • Rubber, cassava: 200 kg/ha/crop
  • Sugarcane: 420 kg/ha/crop.
  • Fruit trees (durian, avocado, orange, mandarin, longan, lychee, grape, dragon fruit): 0.5 – 1 kg/tree/year.


  • Should combine SOP fertilizer with other inorganic and/ or organic fertilizer.
  • Dosages can be adjusted accordingly to the nature of the land, season, weather, etc.
Export granular sulphate of potash to Japan. Photographs: Keigo Nagatomi.

Potassium sulfate fertilizer price

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