How to use Vietnam Sulphate of Potash (SOP) fertilizer?

Benefits of Vietnam SOP fertilizer.

Vietnam sulphate of potash, also known as SOP, or potassium sulfate or potassium sulphate. This is a fully water-soluble potassium and Sulphur fertilizer and free of heavy metals.

Nutrients of Vietnam Sulphate of potash (SOP) water soluble fertilizer.

  • Potassium as K2O: 50% Min
  • Sulfur (S): 18% Min

Benefits of Vietnam potassium sulphate water soluble grade.

  • High potassium levels.
  • Suitable for crops with a high Sulphur demand
  • Vietnam sulphate of potash (SOP) has very low chloride content.

Dosages of Vietnam sulphate of potash fertilizer:

Vietnam sulfate of potash is available in powder and granular type. This potassium sulfate fertilizer is low chloride and has a low salt index, less than half that of muriate of potash (MOP).

Potassium Sulfate provides a source of sulfur as well as potash for crops and it is suitable for applications into fertility systems primarily for grapevines, tree crops, and vegetables.

  • Fruit trees (durian, avocado, orange, mandarin, longan, lychee, grape, dragon fruit, Etc.): 0.5 – 1 kg/tree/year.
  • Onion, carrot, potato, Etc.: 120 kg/ha/crop.
  • Tobacco: 400 kg/ha/crop
  • Coffee, pepper, cocoa: 580 kg/ha/year
  • Rice (saline area): 100 kg/ha/crop
  • Rubber, cassava: 200 kg/ha/crop 
  • Sugarcane: 420 kg/ha/crop.


  • Should combine SOP fertilizer with other inorganic and/ or organic fertilizers.
  • Dosages can be adjusted accordingly to the nature of the land, season, weather, etc.

Available packing of Vietnam SOP water soluble fertilizer:

  • 50kg PP bag with inner PE bag.
  • 1000kg PP bag with inner PE bag.

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